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Combine the unequalled luxury of the superb Lexus SC300 coupe with the awesome power of the Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 340 hp engine, and you have created the Ultimate Motoring vehicle.  Now add some simple after-market upgrades to the engine if desired, to create an engine capable of producing well over 400 horsepower.  The conversion is a natural, since the Lexus is sibling with the Supra.  The lower part of the engine is identical in each car, and therefore the engine mates perfectly with the existing Lexus engine mounts and transmission.   There is no cutting, welding, or fabrication required for this conversion.  Just a basic knowledge of mechanics, AND the Ultimate Lexus manual to guide through the maze of wiring connections required.

I completed just such a conversion with my 1992 SC300, and did all the work in my own home garage, as a shade-tree mechanic.  The end-result is the car you see above, with a smooth, tractable engine that develops 450 horsepower! 

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