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This 108 page manual is now available at a substantially reduced price, exclusively as an ACROBAT digital document for ease of use as a reference manual.  Each section is carefully indexed and hyperlinked for ease of use on your computer, or for printing out a hard copy for personal shop use.

The manual includes all the details necessary to successfully complete installation of a Supra MKIV Twin Turbo engine in your Lexus SC300.  The information in this manual represents literally hundreds of hours of research and trial and error.   Included are installation short cuts, advice on optional equipment, sources, and the all-important wiring cross-reference tables.  Converting the Supra engine to the Lexus frame requires over 40 separate wiring connections.  Every single connection is described in detail, with wire colors, detail connector descriptions, and pin numbering diagrams for every connection required.  Attempting this conversion without this manual is a near-impossible job that has only been accomplished with a handful of Lexus automobiles to date. 

The manual price of $89.95  reflects the huge amount of time and expense necessary to collect and prove this data, as well as the extremely small market for this conversion.  Scores of these manuals have been sold at $195.  As our costs have been recovered, we are pleased to now offer this manual at a greatly reduced price.

To purchase the manual, complete the order form on the following page, including your email address and payment information.  Upon receipt of payment, the digital document will be emailed to the email address shown on the order form. (Please understand this product is not a full-time endeavor for me..I check my emails daily, and generally respond within hours upon receipt of payment to get your digital copy to you.  If you do NOT receive your copy within 48 hours, please send me a follow-up email)

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