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October 10, 2001:  It had been almost a full year since I began the project to install a Supra MKIV Twin Turbo engine in my Lexus SC300 coupe.  After many delays and heartaches,  I have finally completed all the connections to my new engine, and ready for the first test.

Anxiously, I slide behind the wheel.   Beside me is the empty passenger compartment, still missing the seat removed so long ago.  On the passenger floorboard lies the “guts” of the engine brain, or ECU.  Literally scores of wires are lying on the pulled-up carpet.  The entire center console has been removed, along with the air conditioning controls and radio. 

I take a deep breath, depress the clutch and hit the starter.  The engine, sitting dormant for over 2 years, starts right up and purrs like a kitten.  My wife, ever the ardent supporter, who has patiently endured many evenings watching me pore over wiring diagrams from the factory manuals, hears the engine start to life.  By the time I have shut the engine down, she has managed to find a bottle of champagne and open it, bringing a glass to me for celebration.  I shed a little tear of joy with the realization that an unskilled non-mechanic finally accomplished a task that local shops told me was impossible! 

Within the next few days, after careful monitoring of the engine’s vital signs, and resolving a few last-minute details, I was able to experience and enjoy the fruit of my year-long endeavor.  My first adventure with the car on the road left me literally speechless.  The first time I “got on it”, the streets were a bit wet from an earlier rain.  I carefully selected second gear and smoothly released the clutch.  Slowly pushing the “pedal to the metal”, the turbo “came on” at about 3,000 RPM.  All of a sudden I felt like someone had just lit the afterburner behind me.  The rear end of the car broke away and I had to release the power to keep control!  Acceleration is frightening at first, coming on so fast as to seem almost uncontrollable.  The front end raises up, even with my stiff Eibach springs, and makes the car act like it wants to go airborne!  This has GOT to be one of the fastest stock engines ever built!  With the larger intercooler, aftermarket air/fuel sensor/controller, and larger exhaust, all indications are that the engine develops in the neighborhood of 450 horsepower!  The engine runs smooth, is extremely tractable throughout the entire operating range, and very docile in demeanor, hiding the snarling monster underneath that is ready to unleash its awesome power at a second’s bidding. 

In actual fact, my true story had a few additional false starts prior to that final successful engine launch.  There were numerous minor oversights leading to the success of that final startup day (one wire had pulled loose from the fuel pump, etc., etc.), but a natural progression led me to the final triumphant results!

With the knowledge I have gained from this conversion, I now believe I could repeat this installation with a new car and engine in less than two weeks time. Although I have had an incredible amount of willing help and assistance from a number of Supra owners and speed shops, I have come to the conclusion that nowhere does there exist a detailed guide for successful completion of this conversion.  Even shops who advertise themselves as specialists in Supra/Lexus conversion either do not have all the complex and critical wiring documented in writing, or choose not to share it.  It has been my intent to fill the void of information about this incredible conversion by creating a manual covering all the details of this complex project.

The ULTIMATE LEXUS manual sells for $195  $89.95 in digital format, delivered via email upon payment. 
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You could upgrade your own Lexus SC300 with the ultimate power train, using all factory stock parts, and requiring no fabrication.  With the detailed steps explained in the Conversion Manual, any reasonably mechanically-inclined individual can successfully create their own ULTIMATE LEXUS!

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